The Big story of the love of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The presentation of the collection autumn 2016, Stella McCartney, the celebration of the birthdays of the manager of the Orlando in West Hollywood, party, little son of Robert Downey Jr. and the celebration pre-Grammy in Los Angeles were the first, the moments in which you saw very juntitos, events, gifts, occasion
great progress after his trip to Disneyland, a vacation in Aspen, and the music festival Coachellaafter which then, together with other events, you officially confirmed the romance, Perry and Bloom (as if, without the evidence and reasons for the denial).

The breakage is inevitable

But, although we thought everything was honey on the bread, because we had the opportunity to see you enjoy some relaxing moments as you make your journey to Disneyland in Shanghai the Halloween party Kate Hudson (in the famous dressed as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton), and even the shocking (and super hot), fotografía in Orlando is completely paddling together naked in a small raft
with Katy Perry
in a paradisiacal Italian Islands; they began the rumors about his separationand us to lose all hope in love.

And Yes, after a year of engagement, which began as a mystery (to notice but, too much) Katy and Orlando decided to put a break in their relationship, in March 2017.