The body of the University professor a victim of the coronavirus in RN is closed and buried without a funeral with coffin | Rio Grande do Norte

The body of the Professor Luiz Di Souza, a victim of the new coronavirus, laid to rest had been in a coffin, trapped, with no funeral and with the participation of five family members last Sunday night (29.). “Luiz is night on Saturday, after a week in the hospital. This was the first death in the Covid-19, in Rio Grande do Norte. Luiz was 61 years old and was a diabetic.

The funeral was in the cemetery of St. Sebastião (st. sebastian), in Mossoró, rio grande do. The wife of louis, Margaret Souza, says the was advice that the family would stay at least three feet away from me.” “No, we couldn’t get too close,” he said. Only he, his three sons and a son-in-law were able to attend the funeral. “Don’t let any more people because the virus,” said Margaret.

According to the latest bulletin of the Sesap, announced on Sunday (29. March), and the RN 68 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.

She and her husband had a fever and a cough, and saw the hospital on the 18th of March. He was treated and returned to the house. No improvement, according to back to the hospital on the 21st and asked him to do the testing for coronavirus. “The doctor has a ct scan of the lungs, and when he came out of the income of Brazil, Luiz and straight into the intensive care unit,” says Margaret.

“On Sunday, he went to his room. He is on the mend, every day is an improvement on the larger was was. Then on Saturday evening he was on a pair of shorts, and had the fatigue too great for the lack of air. The doctors brought him to the ICU, and he had to arrest a cardiorespiratory and didn’t come back,” says Margaret.

The family was informed of the positive test result for coronavirus after death. “The results came on the 27th, but the publication after his death,” says the woman.

Luiz Di Souza, was in the Department of chemistry at the University of the state of Rio Grande do Norte (UERN). All of the classes that have been exposed to in the institution, as of the 15th day of the month of March, to curb the spread of the disease in the state. The University has issued the note, where he mourns the death of the teacher.

Black Cleivo’souza, professor of chemistry at the IFRN States, and a former student at” Luiz di Souza

“It was a shock, and I had not the floor, when I heard the news. Mr. Luiz was a chemistry teacher, he was like a father to many people. It was the kind of person who, out of their own pockets to help people that need to travel to conferences and in other ways. I am very grateful for everything he taught me, he was a man with a huge heart. This serves as a warning, we stay in the house because of this virus that it is heartbreaking, it is not a joke”.

Anne Gabriella Dias Santos, a professor at the EXPRESS, and a former student of louis, whom he met in 2004

“It is my father’s science. He was the one that my initiation into the science, which has me a apaixonasse in the research and work with a professor at a University. You share the room with him, and we have projects several research. Luiz, this is for my reference only. He was the co-supervisor of a master’s, PhD, my faithful partner, with a person who has made me to appreciate learning, to research ethics, to want to fall in love with science always do my best so that the students can learn and be committed to it. It is an example of a professional who will be a human being. All a friend.

It was a kindness that has no equal, he helped the other students. It took several times to students, poor lunch in your own home. He also helped financially, to the students, saying that it was a project, I see that the children were in distress. In addition to a wonderful professional and competence is unquestionable, it was also a wonderful person. All of this is that it has been in my life, and it has in the lives of many students.”

Vasco-da-gama-Lima, a chemistry professor and a former student of louis

“I’m the student of scientific initiation in the laboratory of him. It was from that moment that, above all, he took me as his son, and I loved him like a father. Luiz and I took a student, a graduate, and I became a teacher. The path I take now for me to be a doctor, and I hoped very much that he did it on the day of my thesis defence, and that he will help me to realize this dream. Unfortunately, the Covid-19, I took out of it.

He opened the door of his house for all the students. It was much more than a teacher to us. He was a friend, a teacher, a father…. The owner was amazing, a big heart. He was from a Northern to a lot of people. It has changed the lives of so many students changed. It was an example of a human being. A true inspiration for me. Our compass is gone, and the worst of it was that we say goodbye to”.

Vasco-da-gama-Lima, and professor Luiz di Souza — photo: personal archive Vasco-da-gama-Lima, and professor Luiz di Souza — photo: personal archive

Vasco-da-gama-Lima, and professor Luiz di Souza — photo: personal archive

Luana Paula da Cunha-Silva, a student, and as a member of a project for the extension of the louis

“You are not able to not to mention speak to luis, for your family, our family. Or without the day of punishment, and that he fill us with joy. Not to speak of the stories of the countless number of adventures, travel, go and come, and the help and the lessons. The shy smile or the laugh of lose. The severity, and the word is loose. You can’t talk about it in Luiz, rooms, hotel booking, without the you had the good fortune to live, even for a day, and have seen his enormous joy for life, willingness to learn and dedication to teach.

We can see that Luiz, not to mention, lucky to have had lived in about the same time that he, having learned that humility is on the side of the Majesty and is much more than an opinion, or have the. In the light of Luiz guides. It was to be the only one”

Teacher, Anne, Gabriella, and a student Luana Paula on the side of the class, the teacher, Louis — photo: personal archive Teacher, Anne, Gabriella, and a student Luana Paula on the side of the class, the teacher, Louis — photo: personal archive

Teacher, Anne, Gabriella, and a student Luana Paula on the side of the class, the teacher, Louis — photo: personal archive