The cosplayer Jessica Nigri shows his cosplay inspired in Mimikyu

Capture Mimikyu

You may Mimikyu is not one of the Pokémon most well-known among all those who are not followers of anime or videogames, but that does not mean that it is a Pokémon very special, let’s say it has its charm. Thanks to his costume can protect itself from the attack of their enemies. It is a creature quite small, just measured 20 inches in height. Unlike other Pokémon, Mimikyu does not evolve.

As you remember a replica in the real life of Mimikyu that became a member of Reddit. Well, today we’ll see a cosplay inspired by this Pokémon. A cosplayer of renown, Jessica Nigri, has posted on Instagram your cosplay for Halloween. Once more has done a great job. Sitting on a tree, you can see that he wears a costume dominated by the colors yellow and black. At his side is Mimikyu. Form part of a cane long enough. What do you think the cosplay of Jessica?

It seems that as we approach the release of Pokémon Shield Pokémon Sword there is a spike in the number of cosplays of the franchise. You must also take into account that only a few days until Halloween, and there are many people that disguise themselves, hence these last few weeks we have seen quite a few cosplays really good.

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