The Express request of the Shakira government during the quarantine

Shakiralike the rest of the world, is in closed systems in your home as a measure to slow the expansion Coronavirus. In Barcelona and you with your man Gerard Piquéand his two sons, Milan and Sasha. So, we were able to check in this week, if the players of FC Barcelona published proud of a video of his wife, learning, philosophy of online.

With a lot of free time, the singer also has time to remind yourself, the kids, one of the major affected by this seclusion, and wanted to do, has a Express invitation of the Spanish government on your account Instagram.

“To get to know the situation of parents with small children in this difficult time of the quarantine, I feel for those that do not have an outdoor area or a balcony, so that your children breathe clean air”, start the write, in which the famous singer in the social networks.

And further: “If it is allowed to walk dogs or to buy, to think of would be to allow a solution to, this right to children who need the sun and the air for the mental and physical health. Urgiría the government to consider policy, so that an adult is responsible to pull your child go for a walkalthough restrictions were subject to,” said Shakira.

In the meantime, let us remember, that of all Pedro Sánchez showed yesterday new restrictions during the next two weeks you will be close to all the shops, which are not considered “strictly necessary”. Some of the measures to be adopted this Sunday in an extraordinary Council of Ministers.

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