The history of the dress of Lana del Rey at the GRAMMYs

Without a doubt, one of the parts we enjoyed most of the awards are the looks that the celebrities use and displayed with style during the carpet prior to the event.

The GRAMMYs were no exception, and although we saw a great number of artists look amazing, Lana del Rey caught the attention after the statements that you made about it.

In the interview that the celebrity gave to Entertainment Tonight, he mentioned that this was not the dress that I was going to use originally.

Lana had a dress ready when they went to look for the final details of the attire of your groom. However, while walking through the mall the other dress will steal your attention, becoming the chosen one to dazzle in such an important night.

In an event where high fashion always takes place, the attitude so authentic Wool did not do more to earn the support of fans who admired his good taste.