The impulsiveness of Cristina Rodlo

If Cristina Rodlo was not impulsive, if their actions are not attacked the logic, the odds and the opinions of their friends and family, it would not be an actress. And, of course, nor would it be the new mexican on the rise in Hollywood. “I am the black sheep,” says Cristina with a smile, from a hotel room Doorway, in the Historic Center of Mexico City. After a decade of “chop stone” in series such as The vato and 2091this year , Cristina, was featured in the remake in English Miss Bala and starred in the series The Terror (AMC) and Too Old to Die Young (Amazon Prime Video), this latest from Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), which was premiered at the International Film Festival of Cannes.

Cristina Rodlo 2
Rodlo stars ‘dress the bride’, film mexican horror debut in December.

Cristina, a native of Torreón, Coahuila, knew at age 11 what I wanted to be in life. “I told my parents after a theatre class in college. Thought it was a joke, that I was going to forget, but never forgot it”. Their parents, oblivious to the entertainment industry, began to worry when the dream of his daughter was not only to be an actress, but prepare in another country. “Every year I told them that I wanted to study dramatic art in the united States and I responded that I was crazy.” In his eagerness, he discovered that the National Association of Actors did castings in Monterrey once a year, and awarded scholarships to study in New York. She persuaded her mother to accompany her. “He was a minor and my mom was tired, and I said, ‘we’re Going to go because you’re not going to be selected and as: you stay in Tower to consider a career normal’”. Months later she received a letter from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, with the offer of a half scholarship. “But the first thing that I told my parents, then tell them so excited, was that I was not going to go because even with the scholarship, it was very expensive”.

Cris Rodlo.jpg
Cristina Rodlo has a history of more than a decade. He has worked on series like ‘El vato’ and ‘2091’.

The economic factor was as good a reason as pretext for Cristina desist, and their parents played the last card. He suggested that if she got the other half of the scholarship could go. “I said my mom laughing, because it was a fortune that a girl of 17 years was not going to be able to get. I gave him the hand and asked him to give me what was promised”. Cristina sent letters to solicit financial support to companies, government institutions and even political parties. “I don’t want to say his name, but, in the end, a political Tower that supported me. I went with my mom to talk to him and I didn’t understand what I wanted. I told him and told him the exact amount that I needed. I said, ‘I’m going to give my bag because I see something in you.’ My parents were left with another more than with me”.
However, Cristina would need a second act impulsively to achieve your goal. In December of 2010 had graduated, he felt that his career was not going anywhere and, in addition, his work visa expired in six months. “One day, desperate, I took a flight to Los Angeles because I wanted to make films. I was spending my savings on something unlikely and all my friends in New York told me that for what I was going if I had no agent, I was going to drift.” Once more, she didn’t care. “When I feel something in the bottom of my heart, I act”. When it landed it was just another actress unknown in Hollywood, hosted at a friend’s house, trying to find a chink through which to sneak.

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Cristina will appear in the new series from director Ron Howard, ’68 Whiskey’,

Sent your cv that only contained short films, along with their photos to the agencies of talent more important. In a matter of days contacted WME, one of the most well-known, but not talked to an agent, but a wizard, Brandon Guzman, who also had the ambition to grow. Put her in touch with the manager Iván Sánchez, representative of Adriana Barraza, who was direct with her: “We fell really good, but I said: ‘This is what we are going to do, mom: if you go down 10 pounds in a month, you represent’. At that time I was chubby and I started to exercise like crazy. In weeks I got my first role in a movie, The damned (2012), and I went to film in Puerto Rico. In just a month and a half, my life changed completely, and all for a boost”. Cristina, in addition, is loyal to: your representative is Brandon Guzman. “After resigning I said that I was going to mount his own company, Value Entertainment Group, and I accepted to follow him because he had believed in me.”

Cristina Rodlo 4
In January 2020, Crisitna stars in the thriller ‘the Lost’, also starring Paulina Dávila.

To remember this, Cristina snorts and your view is lost on the wall. “There have been many years of chopping stone,” he says. In addition to their faith in herself, she knows that he played to his favor the interest of Hollywood for latinos. “There are more opportunities for us, because latinos in the united States are in the minority that more entertainment is consumed. The projects that I have right now I would have given six years ago,” says Cristina, 29-year-old, who starred in The dress of the bridetape mexican horror debut in December. It will also appear in Lost, which comes to theaters on January 10. Your instinct tells you that your next impulse is behind the scenes. “I want to write and direct. The best way to make a career is creating, it is very difficult to forge a career if you’re waiting for that call you”.

Cristina Rodlo 5
Cristina study acting at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.

Despite the good year that Cristina has ever had, admits that many times imagine your future robs you of the sleep. “Think what follows is what more stress, nerves and anxiety causes me. But I am still knocking on doors,” he says with a smile and shrugs her shoulders. A month after this interview, announced that it will host the series from director Ron Howard, 68 Whiskey. It seems that Cristina has another reason to sleep peacefully