The kiss between Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels, which aroused polemics and networks

After a crisis that they caused anxiety and depression, this year was for the renewal Selena Gomez in many areas of your life. With his new single “Lose you to love me” is a success, improved state of health and it seems that his family relationships, and friendship is very strong. This proves the new video has generated quite a stir on the internet.

The all in happens Theatre the Fonda Los Angelesin the concert of the singer Julia Michaels. In a part of the show, Selena Gomez appeared to surprise and interpreted the song “Anxiety” with your girlfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary, because the duet in the studio version.

What was surprised that, at the end of the topic, the part of the album “Inner Monologue-Part 1”, the artists were, and said goodbye with a hug, while you are away languages a word far from the microphone. But the two remained just staring at you for a second and then they gave a sweet little kiss on the mouth. The theatre was filled with applause and vitoreos through the scene.

In the stories of Instagram of the two they showed a photo of the kiss, the colorfula test of the strength of their friendship. In addition, they added a cozy time, a tattoo of a arrow in the vicinity of the wrist to keep hands, these are. Selena Gomez said:

Selena also told, several photos with Julia in, what a party seems to be. While Michaels released a video in which he sings with Gomez and other people are sitting on the edge of the stage, to show their friendship at every opportunity you have.

“Anxiety” appeared in the beginning of this year. The simple search the awareness of the fear and explains how the people’s lives who suffer from this disease. It is very important that the problems had been.Selena Gomez in front of a little less than a year

During the award ceremony, McLean in september of this year, when the ex-actress from Disney described the problem of depression and anxiety due to the crisis. “I was horrified, obviously, since the veil was lifted, but relieved that she finally knew what it was, what I was going on in all the years: anxiety and depression”, he stressed.

However, the medical assistance was a great help for the singer, because he is a guide to face your health problems. “I met with the best doctors and psychiatrists, and the wonderful people who helped me and me a personal tour on this trip,” he said.

He also stated that although was not removed, the problem is the wholeYes, it feels much better. “Today I can say that after a year of intense work, I’m more than happy, I am healthy and have revealed a better control over my thoughts and feelings”, by the time you get your prize.

Is much better now, and each time we are surprised with new projects. For example, the collaboration with Netflixproducer and analyzed the issue of immigration in the United States. The documentary takes the name of “Living Undocumented”.

Selena Gomez also showed your luck “Lots Of You To Love Me”so in two weeks the official video received more than 114 million visualizations and was number 1 in the Billboard the hot 100. Now is in fifth place.