The last! Shakira pulled the blouse on the stage and was in front of all

It was not possible to remain unnoticed, without blouse

Shakira Isabel Mebarak better known as Shakira is a Colombian singer, 43 years old, announced, in all media, since he was very young.

Recall that Shakira is singing, since I was 13 years old, which is why he left his native city, after Bogotá, Colombia with the dream of becoming a singer very famous, which it also did!

Recently, we have observed, in the social network Instagram a video of the singer Shakira, who has impressed us, when we see how the artist dances and sings on stage, without a blouse.

What is shocking is that Shakira no fear, no motion, because at first glance you will notice that your bra is super short and not well made What a luck!

Without a doubt, the singer Shakira is one of the most famous artists of the time, because he has always stressed to see without the need related to strong controversies.