The nine rules of communication in the video conference during the quarantine

Due to the multi-coronavirus, a lot of companies have started to transfer your employees work remotely. Fortunately, in this age of information technology, it is much easier to do this. For example, sessions can independently also by means of video communication, where the participants are in the world. Many now use this method of communication, so we decided to look back upon the nine basic rules of communication for a voice call.

Choose a platform that is suitable for all

Unfortunately, the video has a significant disadvantage – the technical problems that occasionally occur by one of the participants. For example, you can not install the program you want, while someone else with a microphone or a camera switches itself off constantly

To prevent this, you need to schedule in advance, what kind of service is that all of the employees of the company will be using. And the selection on here is limited, Skype, the usual. There are a lot of sites that are similar and are best suited for: Zoom, discord, Whatsapp, Skype, and Google Make Hangouts, and many, many others. You try to each one, and choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Check-out service, for a certain technical

To change the mode of operation is online, it is not enough, download the required software for video telephony. It is important that the comrades in advance so not to waste the time of class contact during the course of the meeting.

We recommend that you check familiar with the user interface and the functions of the program in advance, as well as the microphone and the camera. So there is a record of your account, we strongly recommend the use of a first name, last name and position at the time of the accounts. Therefore, it will be easier to understand for your colleagues, who you are talking about.

You can choose a suitable background

It is a little strange for a video call to all your colleagues and you see a pile of clothes or of a pile of dirty dishes in the background? To avoid these moments, you need to prepare for the conference ahead of time. Clean in the house, so as not to embarrass the participants in the conversation, and for you, not you to be ashamed of. If you don’t have sufficient power for cleaning, on some platforms (e.g. Zoom all the way to the lower officials. Or, you can choose any picture you want and put it on in the background, hidden in the interior of the house.

Dress up in business clothes

The communication is not through a video that you will have exactly how you do stay in the house. After all, in a live meeting in your office, you do not come in pajamas and a Bathrobe. Here, too, it is worth Recalling the dress code for the job.

Way you put on the “outfit” of the standard of work in a business-like, and you can let the “bottom” of the house, if you prefer it that way, it seems to be serious, but it does not deprive you of the comfort of your own home.

Arrange with your family to get out of the way

They do not all have the opportunity, in a separate room or in the office, in order not to confuse your co-workers with the sounds of screaming and the noise of the family. Fortunately, you can combine it with your family, during your video call, you put off all the things that busy and you don ‘ T, you to the front of the monitor.

Turn on your microphone only when you speak

This is one of the most basic rules of the video conference, a large number of people. If you are all to leave their microphones on, the communication is a series of loud and strange noises – the sound of a dog with a keyboard, coughing, etc.

You take to respond, the time for peers

Sometimes, a video call, there is a delay, the sound or the image. This is the case when the network is overloaded, or if a person works in a different part of the earth. So, when you ask questions, or wait for a review, please wait a few seconds to reach out to your call, you and your peers, and the reaction to them.

Eye contact

In the course of a conversation, the most important thing is the eye contact. Online communication is no exception. It is best, with respect to the camera so that your face is in the middle of the screen. And the look and feel should be attached to the camera so you get the impression that you are looking directly into the eyes of their colleagues.

You assign a member of the video conference

In General, the video-communication the communication in real-life corresponds. And the rule (s) here should in the same manner-do not be late, do not interrupt others, do not stray away from the topic, you don ‘ T shut up, etc. etc. Unfortunately, for some reason, during the video call, and many forget the rules of decency, and against these laws are unbreakable. Therefore, it makes sense to appoint a moderator for the conference in advance, you will be monitoring the claim.