The reunion between Freddie Prince Jr and Rachel Leigh Cook, the protagonists of ‘Someone like you’ – movie News


In 1999 he premiered this movie teenage, a film that you’ve seen more than once on television, and whose plot has received nods in other projects, do you remember it?

Each era has its movies for teens own, titles that have marked this generation and is repeated again and again on television. One of the tapes caused a sensation in the ‘millennials’ is Someone like you, the story of the popular guy makes a bet to turn a girl ‘ugly’ in the dancing queen.

Someone like you is starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook, two actors who at the time were very fashionable, appearing in other titles as I know what you did last summer or Scooby Doo in the case of the former, and Lives deserted or Josie and the melodic. Now, more than 15 years later, both actors have been reunited and have decided to inmortalizarlo by posting an image on social networks.

The tape raised more than $ 103 million, a figure which is very good considering that was a budget of 10 million. Between its cast, in addition to the mentioned actors, there were other actors as Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, Anna Paquin or Kieran Culkin; and singers like Usher or Lil’ Kim.