These are all the new Pokémon of Sword & Shield


Since its official announcement, many fans of the monsters of the pocket you are rubbing the hands to be able to get their hands on Pokémon Sword & Shield and try out the new Pokémon that will come in this game.

The japanese magazine CoroCoro began the task of collecting all the creatures that will come along with the region’s Barge and by means of social networks the community has been sharing this fragment of the publication.

In this picture we can see the creatures initials of the eighth generation: Scorbunny (fire type), Sobble (water type) and Grookey (plant-type).

At the center of the publication, and taking away all the attention of the public, are the Legendary Pokémon of this new title: Zacian, the cover of Sword, along with Zamazenta, the protagonist of Shield.

At the top of the screen you can see all the Pokémon confirmed of the eighth generation, including versions Galar of ancient creatures.

And to finish, the new forms Gigantamax that was revealed a couple days ago. These Pokémon take a colossal size during the battle and Pikachu or Charizard are of the few that achieve this transformation.

What of the new Pokémon Sword & Shield is your favorite?

Source: AshandSerena (@AshandSerena)