This confirms that “Save Your Tears’ from The Weeknd is for Selena Gomez | TRIBUNE

United States Of America.- After the release of the album ‘After Hours’ of The Weekndmany fans have speculated that Save Your Tears is dedicated to to former spouses, Selena Gomezand who went for 10 months in the year 2017, and this comporbaría the rumors are true.

To mention is that in november 2019, the audience freaked out when they see that the singer recorded a song under the name Like Selenahowever, shortly after, to be what was deleted taken as a sign of repentance, could it be that after months of reflection, he decided to write about the exestrella Disney?

What has led them to believe that the Creator Star Boy it was decided to spend another song from mario Gomez, it was a verse in which he says, “I saw You dancing in a room full of people”, what would be the romance with regard to one of the many times you accompanied him, the festivals or tours through the world, during your.

This set is in as a snap- Crowded Roomone of the topics on the album ‘Rare’ were achacados The Weeknd, practically the only one that does not say it is for Justin Bieber.

We are just you and I…in a room full of people… Yes, I was scared, but you have for sure, I think it is our combination… you said that you felt lost, well, so do I,” says the topic of Selena.

However, up to the time when the artist has not given, to confirm such statements or to refute the conjecture, like you, I have Bella Hadidwho fled from a club, right after he entered.

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