This spectacular Pokédex Pokémon is made with colored beads

A Pokédex Pokémon

The Pokédex we have seen over the years and after various Generations of Pokémon they are very differentbut all have had the responsibility of giving us a amount massive of Pokémon, then place them and organize them. Obviously, there is a Pokédex real that allows us to consult all the Pokémon that exist todaybut unpixable on Reddit shows us one of these devices made with 3,000 colored beads that, as a result, they create a very Pixel Art.

If you look at the image under these lines, you’ll notice that this Pokédex does not lack any detail and is very accomplished. In addition, it has the advantage that it can be done quietly at home and not have to spend a lot of money to get it, although you will need some time and a lot of skill to achieve a result as good as that of the image. The truth is that the artist has worked a lot, because it has managed to create the optical illusion, using shapes, colors and shadows, depth or volume, making the Pokédex seem more real and even folding.

This program made out of 3,000 Perler Beads from gaming

Do you animarías to create a Pokédex like this you just? As you already know, you don’t need too much, just check the picture and buy enough accounts of various colors to achieve a result like the one in the photo. Do not worry if you do not comes to the first, the important thing is that you have fun and try several times, because only with practice you’ll master this technique, so resultona.

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