This useless letter of the Pokémon it’s worth more than 3 million pesos

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During the decade of the nineties, thanks to its huge popularity, many young people gathered together and bought cards of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Keep these cards in good condition could make a good fortune thanks to collectors who pay amounts exhorbitantes by them.

Pokémon TCG

Now, what is the most that could be worth a piece of cardboard with a Pokémon on the cover? Well, a minimum of a department, newly built in the City of Mexico or maybe up to 4 years of tuition at a University of pay.

This we say because a letter ‘Pikachu Illustrator’ which was released in 1998 and delivered to a certain number of winners of a tournament of the Pokémon TCG, was auctioned by the non-menospreciable amount of 195 thousand USD.

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To get an idea, a pack of Magic The Gathering can cost around 80 pesos.

Pokémon TCG: this card really special

What becomes special to a card from the Pokémon TCG apart from that few people have a copy? Well, we walked back to the auction page to understand much better the value of this article.

The everyone’s favorite, Pikachu, the protagonist, the letter Pokémon more valuable and rare in the world! Although the technical name of the card is ‘PokémonIllustrator’, known colloquially as the ‘Pikachu Illustrator’ because of the image.

The description says that this letter of Pokémon is so rare because it was a prize for a contest of illustration in the japanese magazine CoroCoro and was created specifically for this competition.

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To see the degree of rarity, there are only 39 copies of this letter in the world. It is not known how many cards are left, there are only 10 certified copies and the most expensive was auctioned.

Another copy of this letter had been sold three years ago for a little more than half of the value of this. I wish you, and this invaluable product end up in the hands of the buyer.