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The live broadcasts are some of the offers audio-visual most consumed by youth, these are the streamers on Twitch with a wider audience.

The incursion of the Internet and the popularization of video games has become the gameplay in one of the genres most common in the platforms of the video. The arrival of applications and channels for live broadcast it has become increasingly usual to the direct of people playing video games: the streamers on Twitch. The platform belonging to Amazon, they have increasing income and visualizations, and are one of the main offers audiovisual currently.

According to the organization Little Loans, which has analyzed who are the 100 gamers that more money billed, the last of them would be generating 30.363 dollars a year just in subscriptions. In it, there is Spanish as Rubius, ranked 54th in the standings with 2.7 million subscribers and profits of 322.000 dollars a year; Alexelcapo, ranked 71st, with more than half a million of subscriptions and proceeds of 187,000 dollars; or TheGrefg, in the 94th with 1.3 million subscribers and 55,000 dollars of benefits each year.

The first 10 positions are occupied by: Nickmers, with a million and a half of benefits; Tfeu, 1.4 million; TimTheTatman, 1.3 million; DrDisrespect, xQcOW, MOONMOON, Summit1G and AdmiralBahroo, with similar winnings that exceed slightly the million euros; DrLupo, with 995.000 dollars of profit annually; and MontanaBlack88, with 825.000 dollars a year.

Stand out the absences of the Ninja and Shroudthat left this platform to sign for Mixer, one of the new rivals. The first, who rose to fame thanks to Fortnitesigned by the company with a salary of between 20 and 30 million, according to Justin Warden, president of an agency representing players in esports.

It is necessary to point out that these benefits are entirely through the subscriptions of users, to what you would have to add to the sponsorships of different brands and advertisements, so that the figures could be much more bulky.

To find the first woman in this list I would have to go to the number 24, since occupied by Amouranth, which has slightly less than 1.3 million subscriptions and generated every year half a million dollars.

Streamers of Spanish

Despite not appearing in the list, there are other streamers spaniards also have a legion of followersaccording to data of Twitch Metrics: Auronplay, with 46.240 viewers on average in the last month and almost 250,000 followers; DjMaRiio, 11.552 viewers of media; or Ibai, with 10.278 viewers.

In the last few weeks, is highlighting the streaming the professional player League of Legends Carlos Way, ‘CarritosKami’, which organizes the popular program, The Poolside snack bar of the SLO, a kind of talk show where players of the Super league Orange participate to talk about how it has gone for the day and discuss the best assets of the championship.

What began as a small talk between a few people has grown into a genuine interest in the media of e-sports of Spain, with even international travel, as illustrated by the support member alternate Team Vitality, Jakub Skurzyński ‘Jactroll’, who has responded several times to information that had been placed in the program.

And it is no coincidence that you are triumphing on Twitchas League of Legends turned out to be the video game most seen in the platform after the previous year will desbancara Fortnite. With 1.117.373.196-hour views, the LoL regained its leadership.

War of the streaming

Twitch began to acquire force when the content creators began to complain of the system of monetization of Youtube. From that time, many decided to move and take advantage of the system of subscriptions and donations from this. Some as Wismichu, they confessed that they charged more in the second than the first, despite the fact that the number of visits was huge. With that controversy, the platform of videos lost many gamers.

But Twitch is slowly losing the monopoly of the direct game: Lolito Fernandez, one of the streamers with more followers in Spain, announced in August that it would no longer use that tool to change to Facebook Gamingthe bet of the social network to fight Amazon and attract a target audience very specifically.

The war of the streaming is served: Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Mixer, and Youtube Gaming. Last year, all managed to increase their numbers of visits: 20%, 210%, 149% and 16%, respectively. Even so, the market share of the firstwith a 73%, somewhat lower than previous years, which suggests that in the coming times we will have a fierce fight to become the king of the streaming.