Toei Animation the lia for sharing spoilers of the manga of One Piece

Luffy has inherited a famous sword in One Piece

The current situation of networks, media, and spoilers is more tense than everbecause if you are not careful, you can spoil the experience more of a reader. And the thing gets worse if an official source is the echo of those spoilers. This is what has happened to Toei Animation, the production company in charge of the anime of One Piece, which has generated a bit of controversy on Twitter after sharing scans of the last chapter of the manga. Some users have not overlooked the fact that the company has spread and share sensitive content for all those who are not up to date and have not hesitated to charge publicly against them.

We are not going to reveal the content of that deal with the spoilers (to avoid incurring the same), but ** * yes we will state that it has to do with everything that is currently happening in the arc of Wano Kuni**, hence the reason fans are so angry, because it is content of the very last chapter that has been recently released in Japan and it would be to gut the story even for those who go to the day.

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