Twitch lift the suspension to Amouranth

Apparently, Twitch lifted the suspension of the channel Amouranththe streamer of ASMR (acronym in English of Sensory Response Meridiana Autonomous). The sanction was applied on 9 September by “nudity accidental” during a special broadcast of ASMR on the 8th of September. A video of the stream, in which the skirt of Amouranth slipped to one side, became very popular on Reddit and was probably the reason for the suspension. But apart from a few jokes here and there, Amouranth not made comments about this during the suspension.

At approximately 20:50, central time USA, the channel Amouranth was reactivated, which means that your viewers can watch videos, streams past and chat in your steam. And although it is not broadcast, many users of Twitch ran to her stream as soon as they knew of the revival, a tendency common with those channels that were raised suspensions recently.

Approximately 10 minutes after that reactivate your channel, Amouranth tweeted a video his escape from the “prison of Twitch”.

This article was originally published in English by Preston Byers September 11, 2019.