WEEK 20: the survey shows, santa catarina, Brazil eliminated more than 75% of the votes

The campaign for the abolition of the state of santa catarina Lucas, Hen of the Big Brother Brasil it is the force between the user of the Twitter account. This is the reason to delete, why in a study that were given the profile of the journal, the Federal state of santa Catarina, more than 75% of the votes to the configuration. The other portals also in the representation of the output of a in Ireland.

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However, the result can only be determined after the announcement was made by James Leifert, on the program is this Tuesday (the 18th). Luke’s, Babu’s and Hugo’s face in the room with the wall of the program. The voting for the official and up-to-date is through our website Gshow.

CUSTOMERS 2020: Thelma Lucas, to discuss, according to the Federal state of santa catarina in Brazil does not give estalecas

You leave on Tuesday, ” I leave the competition for the prize of$ 1.5 million, and you still need to reply to the comments about his attitude in the house. Users of the social network complained about the comments to point to the brother, and condemned, for a decision, the hatch is not for the procurement of food, in the “week five”.

Take a look at the results of the survey on Twitter @Diario catarinense

Here are the results of a survey of web portals


Luke – 58,03%

Babu – 2,94%

Victor Hugo – 39,03%

Folha de S. Paulo

Luke’s – 61% more

Babu – 5%

Victor Hugo – 33%


Luke’s – 53%

Babu – 2%

Victor Hugo – 45%