Well with the real world, Pulp Fiction, and more

Most of the players, which is part of the long Marvel comics They fought legendary characters and legendary. It is perhaps difficult to imagine that they are without the skins for the heroes, but the lines are far apart in the film, the super-heroes.

Over the years (both before and after this in the MCU), the name as Benedict Cumberbatch shine on The game of imitation, Scarlett Johansson in Well With The Real World, Brie Larson in In the room with Jack and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fictionbecause of the remembered Screen Rant.

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Please see below for the 7 movies with the actors from the Marvel comics very juicy, with a note of each of the IMDb.

Zoe Saldana in a Avatar (7,8)

Benedict Cumberbatch in the The game of imitation (8,0)

Chris Evans Andamong the knives, and the secrets (8,0)

Scarlett Johansson, on the Well With The Real World (8,0)

Chris Hemsworth in the Rush: On the edge of excitement (8,1)

Brie Larson, on the In the room with Jack (8,1)

Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction (8,9)


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