With Jennifer Lawrence, and her 7 characters, the most notable

It is not every week that one of the biggest stars of Hollywood in our cinemas on a double dose. Jennifer Lawrence comes out in theaters, the national, two of the films are very different: “Serena, Susanne bier, and “The Hunger Games: The revolt part 1” Francis Lawrence.

Here in the magazine.HD we recap the short-but-rich) the career of Jennifer Lawrence, through its characters, the most memorable. In the end, you will have a hard time voting in the area.

Network in the Winter”s Bone (2010)


Despite the fact that, so far, was in the projects involved, from the very little media coverage (almost always as an actor in the secondary), it can be said that the “remnants of winter” was the real debut of Jennifer Lawrence to the canvas. The Performance cool, realistic, and deeply genuine, the doors of Hollywood opened for him. Ree was one of the female characters, the most acclaimed of the year, and it was JLaw, including a surprise nomination for the golden globe Award for Best actress.

Elissa in The house at the end of the street (2012)

House at the end of the road

In a time where you are in the The a-list in Hollywood, after the premiere of the first film in the franchise, The Hunger Games, and the Restart the X-Men), a Relativity Media is preparing for the Start of production of the former, which was reached in a drawer waiting for the perfect time, in the cinemas. It is, of course, “The house at the end of the road,” it was not a success in the cash register, and much less critical, but it served, as a glance at a different side of Jennifer Lawrence, the most combative and anxious, and very much able to keep up, a couple of beautiful voices.

Tiffany Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

The Silver Linings Playbook

It is in the “your guide To A Happily ever after,” which he issued on the consecration, the long-awaited, once-a-year, where, in two of the most popular Blockbuster in the year 2012. Tiffany was the ultimate confirmation of the talent of Jennifer Lawrence, which was in this tragi-Comedy is more funny than ever before. First of all, mysterious, and troublesome, Tiffany’s is at the end, as well as a character that was more resilient than the original fragile she looked, and the more fun and passionate than the first and looks exposed. The second half was just the icing on the cake.

Rosalyn Rosenfeld – in: American Hustle (2013)

American Hustle

In a new collaboration with David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence plays a minor role, but the scenes is able to steal, where it comes from. The (literally) fiery Rosalyn is probably the best character in “Golpada of Americans who” explored to the fullest the talents of his actors. At the scene, in the microwave according to the latest news, it will take the company to court, it is one of the pieces of the film’s most memorable of 2013. Jennifer Lawrence went, lost his second Oscar for Lupita Nyong’o ‘ de “12 Years a Slave”.

Mystique X-Men: First Class (2011) X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)


The opening of Jennifer Lawrence in the Blockbuster led to the critically acclaimed Restart The “X-Men: The Beginning”. The task is complicated, replace it in a way that is worthy of mysticism of the trilogy, previously played by Rebecca Romijn. But Lawrence proved to be a challenge. Mysticism turned out to have a meaning that was greater than expected, the beginning of a new trilogy. In “X-Men: The beginning”, to mysticism on the young, weak and emotionally shaken by their physical appearance is different from the ordinary. 2014, Mystique has been the epicenter of the action in “X -: Days of Future Forgotten,” and it shows a more cold and calculating.

Serena And Pemberton in Serena (2014)


Yes, once again, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together in the same movie (and you can be assured that the future will be more of ‘surprises’). This time around, the duo lands in a dramatic backdrop of the time, in the Film, Susanne bier (who has moved several times already). Serena is a woman with no children, and because this is so, can the power of the wood-her husband is in danger, in the middle of the time of the Depression in North Carolina. “Serena” is not like expected, the movie everyone, but the performance by Jennifer Lawrence, can never be excluded.

Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games (2012), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay ā€“ Part 1 (2014)


Katniss Everdeen needs no introduction. However, even if it seems, would be the characters in an automated, of Lawrence, a character who is based on the saga and the literary is always render it easier to), it is much more complex than first appearances suggest. It is in the “The Hunger Games: The revolt ā€“ part 1” Katniss, a number of new features is capable of. Until now, the adrenaline in the arena of The “Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” of the spirit of survival and the altruism of the Capitol is to have all the qualities in the foreground. In the next Chapter, on the basis of the tightness of the plot, Katniss is shown that the most important figure in the war of the propagandismo, while at the same time, they were in the fight against the demons, the remnants of the bloody arena.

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