Attention! Jennifer Lopez goes to the pool to teach his rearguard under water (+photos)


Like so many, and so many celebrities from all over the world, are about these days, as a prevention to the spread of the coronavirus.

Editorial Miami Diario

This makes the deprived to not be able to carry out their work, where they find only ideas, with such a entertain your fans, reported DiarioGol.

There are some who have decided that concerts from home self.

And is that any idea is good to generate hope among the fans. And it’s a concert, it never hurts to have almost a private living room at home.

However, JLo from at the time, not so far. Limited, a video post, in which your child will be fun in the large garden of his house. If there is nothing like life outside of the reality that the world these days.

Jennifer Lopez at the pool

The latest, for example, are the publications that we are posing, then, the diva from the Bronx with a bathing suit of which you leave, is given the good shape you have.

“You is a goddess”, “Spectacular”, “Often imagine…”, “there is none like you”, or “Amazing” are just some of the comments that the publications are piling up.

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