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    With the passage of time, the documentaries have gained little by little a better reputation than they had and a handful of followers who devour these tapes to learn, take a pildoritas of disclosure and discovering some aspect of historic, cultural, scientific,… that were unknown to them.

    We wanted to explore the catalog of Movistar+, full of good documentaries, extract 9 proposals for the worthwhile stop, stop what you’re doing or seeing, and get with any of them. Film, music, history, ‘true crime’… you choose what, how and when you want to see.

    ‘The court of Ana’

    The court of Ana documentaries Movistar is


    What more can be said of Mª Pilar Cuesta, Ana Belén? Little more, except that it is one of the great artists of our time, a path that was awarded in 2017, with the Goya of Honor: more than 40 films, 30 plays, 35 albums… ‘The court of Anne’ is a documentary, directed by Fernando Méndez Leite, retraces the entire career of an actress who started as a child prodigy and ended up becoming a symbol of freedom in the transition and subsequent years. Give your testimony to the career of this great woman fellow as Joaquín Sabina, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Fernando Colomo, José Luis García Sánchez, Joan Manuel Serrat, Fernando Trueba, Antonio Resines or Victor Manuel.


    ‘The palmar of Troy’

    The palmar of Troy documentary movistar+ is


    This mini-documentary of four episodes brings us one of the stories most bizarre of TWENTIETH century Spain, the of Palmar of Troya, which has extended over five decades. On march 30, 1968, four teens said they had appeared to the Virgin Mary on a farm on the outskirts of El Palmar de Troya (Sevilla). With this and other appearances, created its own church, the christian church palmariana, with its own pope. In 2018, the last pontiff raided the facilities of a congregation that has always been punctuated by the shadow of sexual abuse and accusations of murky. It is directed by Israel of the Holy (‘Conquerors. Adventum’).


    ‘Amazing Grace’

    Amazing Grace documentary movistar is


    For many, it is the best concert of the history of music. Yes, it is a judgment that only has been able to raise recently, because the recording, made by Sydney Pollack (‘Memories of Africa’, ‘Tootsie’), was believed lost until the director died. Aretha Franklin gave a lesson in interpretation, feeling, and commitment in this concert offered in 1972 in a baptist church of Los Angeles he turned to an enthusiastic audience among which you could see Mick Jagger. In the church recorded a historical album of gospel, ‘Amazing Grace’, which has been this sensational tape.



    Harvey Weinstein, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow on the feast of Miramax by the golden Globes is

    Patrick McMullanGetty Images

    For many years, Harvey Weinstein was one of the great tycoons of Hollywood: it was the producer, among other films, from ‘Shakespeare in Love’, ‘The hateful eight’ or ‘The king’s speech’. However, in October of 2017, his face appeared in all the newspapers when a spate of actresses (Rosanna Arquette, Paz de la Huerta, Alyssa Milano…) they began to accuse him of sexual abuse, blackmail and abuse of power. ‘Untouchable’, directed by Ursula Macfarlane, delves into the personality of Weinstein, in his rise and in his fall, with testimonials from employees, journalists, artists, and people next to a character that was convicted for rape in the third degree, and sexual assault.


    ‘Deconstructing Barbie’

    Deconstructing Barbie documentary Movistar + is


    Barbie has been one of the dolls preferred by most of the girls in their 60 years of life. But in these six decades, the society has changed a lot and what it meant Barbie in the fifties, is already gone out of fashion or does not make sense. Barbie was tall, slender, with platinum blonde hair, legs, long, wasp-waisted and millions of add-ons, but the girls (and the boys) did not identify with it. Mattel sees how the falling sales of Barbie and you have to think of deconstruct it and rebuild it, seeing how to adapt it to the real woman and how to be more respectful of the equality and the gender perspective.


    ‘Madonna & The Breakfast Club’

    Madonna & The Breakfast Club documentary movistar is


    From the first disc of the ‘ambition blonde’, Madonna, raging among the public back in 1983, the singer became many things at once: an icon, the queen of pop, an inspiration to all the girls of his time… Almost all we know the 40 years that came after the single ‘Holiday’, what is not so well known is his life before the success. ‘Madonna & The Breakfast Club’ shows his past life; when he started working as a waitress, and travelled to Paris as a dancer in a company. After, Madonna met Dan Gilroy, who fell in love with and with whom he set up a punk rock group, The Breakfast Club, of which he was the first one battery and then a vocalist. Jamie Auld gives life to a very young Madonna in a documentary directed by Guy Guido.


    ‘Leaving Neverland’

    leaving neverland documentary movistar is


    If Madonna was the queen of pop, the king was Michael Jackson in the 80’s and early 90’s, with sales of scandal and a charisma out of the ordinary, racking up record after record. Well, in 1993, the Los Angeles police went into ‘Neverland’ ranch, the singer, to investigate a complaint that accused Jackson of sexually abusing a child. His house, apparently, was closed so that she could enjoy her children without resources, but when the artist was not on tour, spent time with the little ones. A settlement of $ 23 million ended up withdrawing the lawsuit from the courts, but there were many other cases; among them, the documentary that we are dealing with: Wade Robson and James Safechuck.


    ‘O. J. Made in America’

    O. J. Made in America documentary Movistar is


    In 2017, this film took the Oscar for Best documentary and it is not for less: your structure, your preparation, your stress… make it one of the best stories of recent times. ‘O. J.: Made in America’ tells the story of the popular former player of american football O. J. Simpson, who was one of the great figures of the NFL in the 70’s. However, in 1994, his kind face was the protagonist of all the media when his exexposa, Nicole Brown (in the picture) and her friend, Ronald Goldan, appeared savagely murdered, her decapitated and with signs of having suffered a great beat. The documentary tells the story of the athlete and the judgment against him, which was held from July 22 to October 3, 1994 with an audience of 150 million viewers.


    ‘The King’

    The king documentary movistar is


    Another great of the music in our selection of documentaries Movistar+ (I must say that this platform has many, and very interesting reports of this issue). ‘The King’ analyses, forty years after his death, the career of Elvis Presley, who laid forever the foundations of rock’n’roll. The director, Eugene Jarecki (recognized with various awards in festivals such as Sundance or Cannes) climbs into a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1963’s own Elvis, and you’ll travel through the heart of America to discover how they forged this huge legend. Among the statements that we will hear, the actors Alec Baldwin and Ethan Hawke and the singer Lana del Rey.