Crises of the lady to beat on the third season of ‘The crown’


The actress is a brit
The actress, uk, Olivia Colman plays the tension and the pent-Elizabeth II.
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When the crisis comes, not saves it. Not even the Windsor. With the Start of the Sunday (the 17th), the third season of the The Crown (Netflix) runs through the 13 years of 1964 to 1977, up to the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, in the middle of many of the problems that the public and the private sector.

Institutional crisis, with the rise of the work of the monarchy, one sees successively on the body. The financial crisis led to the devaluation of the pound, and a request for assistance from the International monetary Fund (IMF). To see the crisis of middle age of both the Queen and Prince Philip chafurdados on a day-to commitments-day, boring and pointless. The crisis of the family, the Princess Margaret is a powerhouse of issues; the Prince is not exactly what is expected to be the crown of them. The energy crisis – it will generate a strike, which crosses the country in the dark.

The well-made series, in this age of mass production, The Crown in the third year, with a new cast and the overall mood of a hangover. Come on the scene, impulsivity, and in the freshness of youth, paramount gave birth to the couple of the real old (they have 40, but they wear as they were 20 years old, at most), and with a certain bitterness.

For the season, this is the least glamorous is. However, as it has been, The Crown it keeps the level of the previous year. Emotion, work, play, and, in spite of the many licenses, the artistic (after all, there is no way to know what you said, for the members of Gema on the inside of the gates of Buckingham Palace), humanize, and with some probability, all of these people unaffordable for the mob.

It is on the back of the new/old, Elizabeth is presented to us. In 1964, when the season starts, the scores 38-year-old has a total. “Old Woman?”, the question of the Queen by comparing it with your old profile into the current on the new stamps from the Royal Mail. Olivia Colman, is now also say the support for the academy award for best actress (the Queen, Anne, to the more of the world than the rigid, Elizabeth), it does not try to imitate your predecessor in the role of Claire Foy.

In the two years starting with the Elizabeth Foy the pure brilliance was the way it was dressed for the viewer, the interpreter searches for a good. Olivia Colman is always a very tense and pent-up. A little smile for you. But, if you put the mask on the crown, and it hits the right spot and everything is very cost-effective, without arroubos.

“Olivia is an ordinary woman. She has a humility that I don’t know about the Queen, too, because it feels like an ordinary woman, trapped in a situation that is extraordinary,” he said recently to Peter Morgan, who is the Creator of the series.

To Shine with a cast to the outside of the curve, with the new season, it others a chance. Out of the way of the arrogant and self-centered Prince Philip, and Matt Smith, now the work is tired and wounded, played by Tobias Menzies – more than once, it can be superimposed on the image of the Queen, which he created. gets The shining has always, by cake and Helena Bonham Carter, a disdain for the Princess to give Margaret stifled by the life in the inert of the world – the actress and the master of the scene, the second of 10 episodes, with two different interpretations.

In the roles of minors, it is worth noting, also, the Anne-of-Justice article, are the similarities striking, with the younger sister of Prince Charles in his youth – the role of guarantees lightness and humour in the everyday life of a lot of modorrento of Windsor. And for those who have an eye on the time today, it is in this period that the beginning of one of the stories in the small niche to be the strongest of the British royal family in the 20th century.

The eighth and ninth episodes of Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell), as well as the passion for an unsecured and hanging, the Prince (Josh O’connor) to introduce. It is a good appetizer for the second season, in which the late Princess Diana. Has been adapted for film, is making his debut in the year 2020, but the date has not yet been announced.


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. The 10-episode

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