Evan Rachel Wood reacts on the rumor of the affair with Angelina Jolie


According to the new issue of the magazine “Woman’s Day, Angelina Jolie, could be the beginning of a relationship with the actress Evan Rachel Wood.

The publication says that according to his source, ‘Angie, you’re absolutely in love with Evan’s”.

The tabloid claims that the two want to keep it a secret, and Angelina is said to have told friends she is fed up with the men.

“She is happiest as I have ever been,” says the source.

The alleged insider also claims that Jolie and the wood together, a “magnetic attraction”, if you for the first time on the Screen Actors Guild for the last 10 years. In the time that she married Brad Pitt, and Marilyn Manson were, respectively.

“Angie has always thought that Evan was an incredibly eye-catching, and it was a spark, and after spending some time with her behind-the-scenes of the awards, but they were not the only ones at the time,” he said.

The source is the magazine then goes on to say that the diamond and the wood, if you reconectaram, when the two met recently in the host of the Disney, thanks to their latest projects, the film Maleficent’, and the darkness 2.

“Evan, you are of the opinion that the romance happened very organically, and has the history to his friend. She said that Angie is one of the most passionate and awe-inspiring he has ever known.

Evan Rachel Wood has responded to the rumors of a romance with Angelina Jolie on Twitter when she told fans that their music ‘Show Yourself’ with Bruklin Menzel the soundtrack of the Darkness II in the list Hot 100 of the Billboard charts.

“We have at the @Billboard charts. And I see #angelina jolie?? What a great day!” a joke.