Geisy Arruda, give sincere advice to the followers: “a man gives a blemish”


The muse is a good opportunity wasted

From: Alefy Jones | 30 March – 18:15

Geisy Arruda decided to make his Instagram on Monday afternoon (30.), To give advice to their followers. According to her, the woman loved, above all things, “because men will fail”.

“Women need to your stuff, your stuff, your toys, your beautiful lingerie, you need love, you need to play to beat the s***** * * all day, because, man, there is an error, and you can enjoy me,” he said.

“You need these things for his own pleasure, for your own joy and to the delight of his young Sometimes it is much more on the head, then a picture of you with this stuff (toy love) causes you misery,” he said.

“You have an imagination, so it is a bit of good if you know how to make it right,” she concluded.


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