Instagram: Top 10 sexy cosplayers to give follow


Talented and creative. Beautiful girls use their artistic side to shine on instagram doing cosplay of your movies, games, and favorite series. Here we leave the inevitable to give follow.

While the cosplay is very popular, here we mention those that stand out beyond the performance concept. Embrace also other branches such as modeling, acting, singing, ambassadors of the brand.

Jessica Nigri @jessicanigri.

In addition to being one of the cosplayer most well-known, Jessica is a celebrity YouTuber who, among many things, acting in front of the camera, makes amazing sketches, makes unboxings, and vlogs-video blogs.

Elizabeth Rage @Elizabethrage.

Elizabeth is a fashion designer, the cosplays that are produced by herself.

Lilia Lemoine @LiliaLemoine.

Cosplayer argentina. Actress, singer, model, photographer, and in addition, a specialist in visual effects and makeup.

Alodia Almira @alodiaalmira.

Alodia Gosiengfliao is Filipino. Actress, model, singer and tv presenter. Since 2003, travels around the world and is jury of the conventions of anime and comics.

Megan Coffey @starbuxx.

Won several awards for his creations on mythical characters from movies, tv series and.

Alexia Jean Gray @alexiajeangray.

Actress and model. He designs his own costumes for cosplay since the year 2012. Fan of comics and anime.

Glory Lamothe @glorylamothe.

Cosplayer argentina, he combines his performances with his love of video games and the culturar pop. Host of youtube, streaming, and influencer.

Yaya Have @yayahan.

Cosplayer China currently resident in the united States. Appeared several times on Heroes of Cosplay channel Syfy. He designs his own costumes, teaches you about fashion and fashion trends. It is also the owner of a online own merchandising sexy.

Gwendy Guppy @gwendyguppy.

Host and radio performer. Singer and makeup artist. Combines do cosplays with comics, books, and movies.

Amie @misshabit.

Model. In the world of cosplay since the year 2009. Fan of Final fantasy XIII. His style is a fusion between cosplay and cross conceptual.

Mass Chiang @misa72600.

Performer taiwanese, combines cosplays with his sympathy for the anime. One of the cosplayers more famous as a participant and as a jury around the globe. Known for representing characters of League of Legends, Shakugan no Shana, No Game No Life.


There are several global events, with a track record where cosplayers show their full potential, we can mention:
– San Diego Comic-Con. The Comic-con held in San Diego each year at the end of July is without a doubt one of the most important events of the year. What could have been a meeting of a couple of actors, directors, screenwriters, and others involved in the universe movie buff and seriéfilo, has ended up being an appointment to the global level.

– Blizzcon: Blizzard’s annual event where they congregate their fans to the tune of their catalog of games is a festival of commercials and news. It is usually held in November and is riddled with followers of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft: Vanilla, Starcraft, Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catcombs, Heroes of the Storm: Dragons of the Nexus and Overwatch.

– Worlds: while it is an event eSports, which gathers the best players of League of Legends developed by Riot Games, the same is full of cosplayers. The event is usually done at the end of the year in Asia.

– AnimeJapan: more commonly known as International Anime Fair is a meeting and annual festival, which also serves as the showroom of brands, technology and entertainment. It is one of the biggest events of anime in the world.