Is bombed! Shakira was harshly criticized for this comment in social networks


The Colombian has been harshly criticized, on social networks, after this message it Was necessary?

Shakira love is an international artist, but a statement from the Colombian saw her networks to her, she is very criticized.

The interpreter “Loba“wanted to make a call to the government, was of the guys from the house, like children and most of his fans were against him.

“To get to know the situation of parents with small children in this difficult time of the quarantine, I feel for those that do not have an outdoor area or a balcony, so that your children breathe clean air”.

In their publication, significantly remarked, that the disagreement of the fans, which is not expressed by artists according to their public opinion, could it Be that, if this happens, apologize?

Mess go, you metiste Shak!