Kinsey Wolanski, actress interrupted the final of the Champions League


The grand final of the UEFA Champions league in the Stadium Wanda Metropolitan between Liverpool and Tottenham was interrupted in the 17th minute when a woman invaded the field of play only with a bathing suit, and tennis.

The woman, who showed the phrase “Vitaly Uncensored” in their clothing, ran through the center of the field before being stopped by staff of the property, to subsequently be removed from the field of play

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According to reports, the invasive weeds would be identified as Kinsey Wolanski, model and an american actress, who form part of the collective Vitaly Uncensored, site digital content for adults, where commonly made jokes and blogs.

Kinsey Wolanski broke the grand final of the UEFA Champions League. Photo: AFP


The actress maintains a relationship with the Russian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, in charge of managing this site and the YouTube channel “VitalyzdTv” where has 9.9 million subscribers.