Kinsey Wolanski, the spontaneous of the Champions, trying to repeat his performance in the Maracana


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Kinsey Wolanski, the spontaneous who rose to fame after a sneak in the grass Wanda Metropolitan during the end of the last Champions Leaguehas tried to repeat his performance in Maracanãat the end of the America’s Cup fought between the Peru and Brazil, which ended with the victory of the whole brazilian. But this time has not had as much luck as the past 1 June when it became one of the most famous faces.

On this occasion, as the own model Kinsey Wolanski indicates, was arrested and had to spend a night in jail. “I’m going to admit that the America’s Cup won, but we had an amazing adventure trying. Fly to Brazil dressed, get to our seats and finish in the ass of Vytalis, after being approached by 20 security guards. We are out of jail and enjoying our time in Brazil,” said the american in their social networks.

Spontaneous of the Champions league

During the final of the last Champions League, while Liverpool and Tottenham it is contended for the title, Kinsey Wolanski jumped into the field, half naked, alone was clothed with a body and a shoe and, at the time, the social media echoed the event.

His performance had a major economic impact and has been fined with 5,000 euros. If you were to do another event you should pay eur 8,000. In addition to the 5.000 euros has to be added another 10,000 for publishing a page of content that is not suitable for minors, the property of her boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

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