Lucia Mendez reveals that he will work with Ana Barbara and spoke of his bioserie | TRIBUNE


Mexico city.- During a interview to the media, Lucia Mendez revealed that soon it would work in a musical project together with Ana Barbaraalso clarified the doubts of an alleged bioserie.

Despite the fact that the artist has just been through a break-loving, Lucia has demonstrated that you prefer to move forward with her career, as commented spoke about Me sobran ganas, and subject that incursionarĂ­a in the gender rancher.

I’m going to produce it, and I will direct you, the song is called Me sobran ganas, it will be with mariachi, she said to me ‘good as it is a matter of love we’re going to make a ranchera’.”, told Mendez to the media.

With respect to an alleged series of biographical, joked that you should produce your ex-husband Pedro Torres: “Well, ask him if he wants to make my bioserie and that’s it”.

But only to signed already has had offers to work in a series, and to the question of whether he would reveal all his secrets, said he did not have a life as “tremendous”.

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