Mia Khalifa and her friend boast your big rearguard from the Gym to Instagram

Mia Khalifa, the famous star of adult cinema, although already retired, decided to spoil their fans with a video in which he bragged about his great rear next to one of her friends, with bringing the temperature of his faithful followers.

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Khalifa continues to be one of the women most searched on google related to films for adults, and up to the moment count with the second, so that the personal content is turned on strong enough to his fans.

In the video it appears Mine next to the mirror in the gym, back to show your great rear guard and the great work he has done with it, accompanied by her friend Mercedes, which took a little in showing off also her butt for the camera.

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Khalifa not to exercise day-to-day to stay healthy, although this is also done to be able to eat what he pleases, so that we can find several videos and photos where it appears in the Gym delighting us with your great figure in sports apparel.

In another of his stories also showed that you need to use 2 bras to go running, all to protect the work of Dr. Jay Calvert, referring to her breasts, which protects and cares for, as they have been to a few of their attributes that have helped it to position itself in the international spotlight.

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Mine recently showed off her attractive body while doing some stretching on the floor with little clothing. In the photo in mention is the model by stretching his legs, wearing an outfit quite flirty in the style of the 80s, in the publication, you can appreciate the work he has been doing in the gym.

Khalifa has left in the past, the profession that made it famous; however, it has not abandoned its fans, and they often share nasty images of her on social networks constantly and in addition, has its page of exclusive content and much more “playful”.

After his great fame is dedicated to be a commentator for sports which he always liked, also entered the world of gastronomy and is also an entrepreneur who took advantage of its fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.