Mia Khalifa in lingerie transparent turn on your fans Twitter


The famous actress of lebanese Mia Khalifa, one of the favorites among the internet community, decided to appear before their fans with a lingerie transparent with the left with the mouth open to its faithful fans.

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Mine is still one of the most loved actresses of the world of the movies of adult, which despite not producing more films, continues to be the center of attention in social networks or where they are present it is very loved by his public, so that on this occasion he made on Twitter.

In the photo of Mine is wearing a white coat open at the chest, with what was left out in the transparent lingerie that showed her great attributes, acelerandole the heart of the followers that have been observed, so their skin shines as she receives the rays of the sun in what appears to be a balcony.

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The image has received 5 thousand likes so far and has been “retuiteada” 200 times, today the followers of twitter are more scarce than in Instagram, however, to have less censorship, twitter users enjoy a more exclusive and private, as well as that you can read what they write to their favorite artists.

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Currently Mine is retired and with her boyfriend, as we saw as we enjoyed the festivities in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, a friendly super other than that for which it was given to know. Constantly share photos that are the closest thing that we will see her uncovered as in the old times, since it doesn’t seem to want to go back to his old job.

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Khalifa not to exercise day-to-day to stay healthy, or maybe it does so he can eat what he pleases, so that we can find several video where it appears in the Gym delighting us with your great figure in sports apparel.

The young actress is now dedicated to making calendars in which she herself is the protagonist, as well as some tv commercials of products or services, data that have been seen from its official account of Instagram because in reality you do not have a lot of data from Mia, but what you can see on the internet is not doing anything wrong.