Problems of water supply in Guaymas is served by authorities | TRIBUNE


Guaymas, Sonora.- Sergio Avila Cenceña director of the State Commission on Water (CEA) stated that the topic of the aqueduct Yaqui – Guaymas is served by the Secretariat of Government and the mayor Sara Valleybecause it was altered by the community yaqui to listen to their demands.

Our participation was limited to the operation of the pumps in case they need to unemployed at the service, with the purpose of not do a bad management and lead to greater suffering ”, considered

The director of the unit pointed out that the problem of water supply has not been beyond the reduction of the pressure in a 20 or 30 percent, and that the wells that can be activated to mitigate a greater impact

Of the 600 litres supplied to the city of Guaymas by the aqueduct must be missing 150 or 200 liters per second, but compensating with the other wells is generated by a low-pressure, but not the interruption of the service ”

In regard to the subject of the desalination plant, the vocal executive declared that the work has a delivery time to the end of this year and that sells a summary of 200 litres per second to the network of drinking water, which improves the conditions of the service.