Show the virtual visit the house of Anne Frank

Photo: Reproduction

Much more than just the notes of a little girl, “The diary of Anne Frank” has become one of the most important things to know about the Nazi persecution of the Jews during the Second world war.

Google “art & culture”, in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation, launched on Wednesday (12) in an online exhibition, it will allow you to visit the Homepage of the author of the magazine, the most famous 20th century, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The publication is timed to coincide with the anniversary. If alive, she would be 90 years old.

The Street-View technology allows you to explore all the rooms in the building, including the room that Anne shared with her sister Margot. It is possible to access the contents of the application from Google, available for free on iOS and Android or via the website.

The exhibition also has information and / or documents, as it is the only known video of Anne, shot on location in the wedding party, and the only one in the photo of the girl on the side of the parents and the sister.

The old house of the family Frank is commissioned, the Dutch Foundation for literature, and it serves as a shelter for foreign authors who do not have the freedom to work in their country of origin. The house has been restored to the original style of the 1930s.