So Jennifer Lopez was wearing when he Selena Quintanilla


The famous singer Jennifer Lopez was only 26 years old when he and Selena Quintanilla in the movie theater and this was for you to jump on the world-wide fame.

Spectacular, perfect, and amazing, so in your time many media about Jennifer Lopez, in her interpretation of Selena, Queen of Tex-Mex, from this 31. in March she will be celebrating her 25th anniversary luctuoso.

Maybe Jennifer Lopez ever thought that her performance in the film Selena, would fame be a “springboard” to. What is for sure is that he was there and over the years you could have a brilliant career, and so it is today

The performance was JLo in the pelícla autobiographical Selena, she was recognized and welcomed all over the world practically.

Through several interviews you have done, Lopez, she lived always says lovingly magical moments when filmed Selena.

It was a beautiful moment in my life and has taught me a lot about life. I was young, I was 26 when I translated Selena,” said Jennifer Lopez, Apple Music.

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In the above-mentioned film, it was Jennifer, he played with figures of cinema, such as Edward James Olmos and Jackie war.

Jennifer Lopez, originally from New York, United States of America, conquered the audience with his great talent, grace and compassion, just like your beauty and your voice.

According to the report of the press to the movie Selena at a cost of around 20 million us dollars in the first week of premiere in the United States reached the sum of $ 11 million at the box office in seven days, more than 50% of the investment.

Jennifer Lopez is full of memories of Selena

In an interview with international media, Jennifer Lopez has in common that it was filmed Selena surrounded by magical moments and unforgettable stay.

I slept in his bed, in his house. I spoke with the whole family. I spent time with them. Can be melancholic and beautiful at the same time,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was in the world, thanks to the filmed Selena, and then his career came slowly several projects for film and television.

So far, a large fortune made through his concerts around the world, shooting movies and also thanks to his facet as an entrepreneur.