The best cosplayers of the world


The cosplay it is an abbreviation of “game of disguise”, in which men and women around the world choose to emulate the dress and look of their favorite characters from both anime, movies, games and other activities online.

This phenomenon, which became viral in recent years, about more and more women of the world to participate not only by wearing the costumes, but in many cases also produced. We decided to make a list of the most beautiful in the world, and we, of course, for Argentina (click on the photo to see his gallery of images):

Valentina Kryp – Argentina

Cosplayer, model and a fan of the games, came to diamond in League of Legends and has his own channel on Twitch where thousands come to play live most nights. We invite you to see their best pictures, and navigate your page from Patreon:

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Jessica Nigri – United States – New Zealand

Considered by many to be the best in the world, kicked off with a rendition of the creature of the demon “Teemo” and won the hearts of more than one. Now is a correspondent of some websites and news media, he played the voice of some games and, of course, continues with the cosplay and modeling.

Marie Claude Borbonnais – Canada

Model and designer of erotic clothes, is canadian, has 37 years and defends himself with claws and teeth at any convention of comics to the that goes. Savor your best photos:

Riki “Riddle” Lacotey – Canada

Another canadian, an underwear model and very well known for attending any convention of the united States, winning various awards for the best cosplay. He designs his own costumes and had a main role in the reality show on SyFy “Heroes of Cosplay”.

Kristen Hughey – United States

One of the most international of this art, widely recognized by the community as one of the best. Model and designer, Kristen delights in his appearances in the conventions of comics.

Jacqueline Goehner – United States

Many attributed to him, in addition to the title of cosplayer, the category of MILF. A touch veteran, knows to defend very well, with cosplays extremely well made and an enviable figure.

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