The million that we saved Kinsey Wolanski to the site of adult content for invading the final of the Champions league


Advertising free, that was what got to the Russian model Kinsey Wolanskithe woman who invaded the pitch Wanda Metropolitan in the final of Champions League questioning Liverpool and Tottenham, but the brand that was on your clothing has saved millions of dollars by appearing on television.

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The model jumped in a bathing suit with the name of the site of adult content in the game. In addition to the tv exposure, Wolanski increased their followers in your account of Instagram, and is popular throughout the world, appearing in social networks, web sites and newscasts.

According to Darren Rovell, an expert on business, for the time in which Kinsey appeared to box during an event of the size of the Champions Leagueat 17:30 hours, we saved the site near $ 4 million dollars.

3.97 million dollars: value, in relation to their equivalent in broadcast time at 5:30pm ET, harvested by Vitaly Uncensoreda site for adults included in the clothing of the model Kinsey Wolanski“he shared on Twitter, Rovell.

Wolanski maintains a relationship with the teacher of the invasions at the end of the games: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, youtuber of a site of practical jokes and adult content, famous for having invaded the World cup final of Brazil 2014, the fourth game of the NBA finals in 2016 between the Warriors of Golden State and the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as by having been stripped naked in the famous sign of Hollywood in California.

The site increased 500 percent of their visits and the Russian model only spent between 70 and 600 euros for a ticket in the lower part of the head of the Wanda Metropolitan, from where he jumped into the field

Hours later, in their social networks revealed a video of the moment in which it was paid its fine to be released.