The photo of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy lights is identical!


Your 7 years Blue Ivy there is a sensation in the world of the show and has conquered us, particularly through the funny reactions in the events where they accompanied their famous parents.

Of the Grammys in the past year, in which the small bat Jay-Z and Beyoncé that you behave, and stop to clap (of time, he is of viral and resulted in thousands of memes), to the reaction uncomfortable small during one of the last concerts of their parents, in which they appear, since the scenes were very hot!

To see the reaction of Blue Ivy for a scene, intimate, their fathers

Many people claim that Blue Ivy has a resemblance with Jay-Z, but a photo of the interpreter, ‘Crazy In Love informed’ a few days ago, seems to prove the opposite is true!

Both the hair than the face Blue Ivy and Beyoncé (if she was as old as it is now has a daughter) are very similaralso this picture you could think of, and are sisters.

Reasons why all want to be Blue Ivy
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