What hard! The premium of Shakira sat down with this night shirt and had, what the view is OMG!

Valerie Dominguez showed what is / Would be!

Valerie Domínguez Tarud is a Colombian 39 years old, is known for his talent in acting, he was a stop very flattered by your nice people, the in addition, you will be supported by without.

In addition to what mentioned before, the beautiful young woman is nothing more and nothing less than the cousin of the singer Shakira, and as if the crowned is not already in the year 2005 as miss Colombia, That woman so beautiful!

Recently, your account of Instagram look around, we have managed a picture of the heart has stolen, as we clearly see how lady Valerie is posing with a beautiful night gown and a beautiful smile.

The image of which we speak appointment the following: “This is the face of a woman that didn’t have to get up early today… #weekend smile #HastaLas15” – with this simple comment social networks revolutionized.

Between the comments of the image, My admiration and respect for you: “stress, as an excellent actress, I loved it in the knights prefer, gross, shame that they can not continue with this project.Greetings God bless you”.