what has generated Kinsey Wolanski in advertising jumping into the field in the Champions league


“It was more interesting to her appearance that the entire party”. A comment and its different variants that we found in a multitude of forums these days in reference to what happened during the final of the Champions league between Tottenham and Liverpool in the Wanda Metropolitan Madrid. Refer to the spontaneously slipped on the pitch with a microscopic swimsuit black that revealed a good part of their labia majora. All eyes on Vitaly Uncensored.

The move: it is a campaign created by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, youtuber Russian with 10 million subscribers specialized in pranks, pseudo-porn, and exhibition of the luxury, always at the limit of the ban. The model Kinsey Wolanski, who has appeared in FHM and Sports Illustrated, is his current partner. Apart from the Youtube channel, Zdorovetskiy also directs a website of the same nameplatform under subscription that does the same thing in the Google web, but without censorship. More porn and pranks heavier.

Four million dollars it is what might have led the couple in the form of free advertising (or almost) according to the group analysis of impact of marketing Apex Marketing Group. The time in which Wolanski ran by on the track was not seen during the broadcast of the game, as these actions are prohibited, but the fame came once jumped the news and the images to social networks, making that infinity media (such as this) have echoed the action.

And what about the sanctions? According to the rules of the UEFAa first offense of invasion of the field are 5,000 euros (the second to 8,000). If you would like to punish by the way of the message “not suitable for sports competitions”, as it can be to advertise a porn web, you would fall to € 10,000. The same Zdorovetskiy has already been banned in a multitude of stages by streaker. UEFA will baneó after that, in 2014, to enter into the final of the World Cup Germany-Argentina for try to kiss a player. He also made another leap during the NBA finals in 2016.

Good for the web, what’s good for the model? May the injured be the girlfriend of youtuber, Kinsey Wolanski. Before you perform the act of vandalism had with 300,000 followers on Instagram, and at the end of the first 24 hours since its appearance he came to the 2.5 million followers. However, it seems that you have lost your account forever. According to her, because it has been hacked. According to others, because Instagram does not allow anyone to grow at a rate of 200 followers per minute during a continuous period. The most espectulativos have seen behind the lock the long tentacles of the UEFA.