Worried, Shakira made a special request to the politicians seeking “the true champions” of the drama of the coronavirus eju.tv


The star, who lives in Barcelona with her husband, as the Bvb and his two children, used her profile on Twitter to give him a special order to the authorities. “To get to know the situation of parents with small children in this difficult time of the quarantine, I feel for those that do not have an outdoor area or a balcony, so that your children breathe clean air,” he wrote.

The Colombian, he asked the government “maintains a policy that allows an adult instructs to pull to walk a child, although it is subject to the restriccciones that experts hold, and where the rules of distance and health”.

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And said: “If allowed, walk dogs, or adults to buy, to think of would be to allow a solution, but this right also to the children who need the sun and the air for the mental and physical health”

“The children are the true champions in this social drama, and we think of your well-being,” he explained.

The case of the coronavirus in Spain, where she lives, the Colombian-born, came to Sunday’s 78.797 what 6,549 of more than yesterday, according to the latest figures published by the Ministry of health this Sunday. A total of 6.528 people that have died, 838 more of that this Saturday and set a new record for the number of daily deaths.

In addition, 14.709 patients (2.424 more than on Saturday) have already been healed, while 4.907 (332) have been reported for inclusion in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The community of Madrid continues to be the most affected region, with 22.677 confirmed cases (1.150 positive more of that this Saturday), 3.082 deaths (507 deaths), 1.429 persons in the discharged INTENSIVE care unit and in the 7.491 patients. The second is the country where Shakira, Catalonia: 15.026 lives infected, 1.226 deceased, 1,391 to the INTENSIVE care unit and 3.455 healed.

Three weeks ago, in fact, applies throughout the country, a strict inclusion total-and since Monday, in addition, the industry as a whole, which is not of importance to paralyze.

To be included In Colombia, the country, the progress of the pandemic, the Colombian government, a series of measures to restrict the mobilisation and concentration of people, the most drastic is a quarantine national 19, began on Wednesday and ends on July 13. april, was adhered to by the majority of the population, the situation is not so dramatic, but also regulates, a quarantine to contain the outbreak.

THE country collects 539 patients, of whom six died and 10 were.