Attention, how it looks! Rihanna sat on the balcony and saw him so


The singer for, all to surprise her fans This time, only the covered only in a robe!

Rihanna although she moved away a little bit of industrial music, this girl has worked hard to position so high on the exclusive brand.

The talented singer has preferred to be kept in the background so that you could see, photographed from the balcony with a coat, the appearance is indeed very stylish.

It should be noted that the beautiful brunette Rihanna emphasized a property in New York, that in the big apple, more than 70 thousand cases of coronavirus in just days.

Once more Rihanna this made all the difference to the other, while other celebrities make videos of luxurious villas is dedicated to help and donate a portion of their dollar assets before the crisis of the coronavirus.

You’re second to none Rihanna!

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