Beyoncé recalls the day he met Selena Quintanilla


Although the excitement was great, the reaction of Beyoncé was not frete like most of the girls on your favorite star. Not, you not and rushed to the singer, not a recollection of what would have been asked for an autograph, and much less, a bit heavy, at that time, there were mobile phones with camera.

Selena Quintanilla hairstyle©Flickr
Selena Quintanilla inspired many girls to follow her dream to be a singer

“I have Selena in the Galleria Mall in Houston. But I said a lot to Selena, because I was not famous at that time,” recalls the now a worldwide star. “Only the saw, said “hi” and I continued on my way.”

The influences on the career of Beyoncé

Today, the wife of Jay-Z assured, that to be a fan of Selena helped him in his career. “In any case, heard on the radio, And listen to your album grow in Houston, but he didn’t know exactly what he sang, helped me a lot in the study. I think that was a legend and I admire you,” he added.

Selena Quintanilla hairstyle©GrosbyGroup
Selena Quintanilla-he died 25 years ago in the hands of Yolanda Saldivar

The one who is now a memory, the value of gold is and will never be repeated. The life of the origin of the feast of corpus Christi came to an end, 25 years ago, on 1. in March 1995, when she was surprised by Yolanda Saldivar. Despite his short career, the legacy of Selena, still in force, the fashion, style and energy is in the music, to the girl of your dreams come true.