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Through photos and videos of users around the world reportaban were shared in the social networks, a meteor had fallen, in Nigeria, causing a huge crater of more than 20 meters, the destroyed, and their impact on the houses and killed at least 13 people.

The user joined the event using an online apocalyptic by the pandemic of the coronavirus, that has stopped hundreds of cities empty and caused thousands of deaths around the world.

However, as videos and images that really try to, the damage by the fall of a meteorite?

In reality, the images correspond to Saturday, the 27. March and not today Wednesday 1. april, as you point out, some of the people.

It’s the same, the 27 March was suggested, in which a person on Twitter, that the visual tried, the damage caused by the fall of an unidentified object from space.

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After they were added, it was a meteorite that fell in the city of Akurre, the capital of the Federal state of Ondo, where the explosion had caused a deep crater, although witnesses had been extracted, the element quickly by the authorities.

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As the photos went around the world and viral Arakunrin Akeredolu, the Governor of the Federal state of Ondo, were reported on the 28. March in a message posted on Twitter that all of the information was wrong.

“I can see that many citizens wish that this frequency of Akure from a meteorite. Although the theory of the conspiracy sounds fascinating, we thank God that this is not the case, otherwise we would hear about several areas of impact, and many dead. To treat congratulations to the police the situation carefully,” he wrote.

So it was, as the Governor Akeredolu, in the state of Ondo, has denied the whole story of the meteorite, and only due to the impact of missiles in the area.

It should be noted that several scientists around the world have stated repeatedly, that it is almost impossible that a meteorite impact against the surface of the earth, because they tend to disintegrate in the air, at least clear that this is outside of considerable size.

“The explosion is a product of the friction with the earth’s atmosphere, causing, in many cases, the disintegration of the meteorite,“ said experts from the Department of seismology and volcanism of the Institute for research of Geological and Atmospheric BC.

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