Friends, and the book of Woody Allen


Since I’m from Berlin, and soon after it began, the social isolation, caused by the pandemic), he had not spoken with my friend, film-maker, Marcus, Ed. We talked yesterday on the phone. Marcus is married to Renata, who, in addition to being a great professional, he loves to cook (and delicious food). I had a lot of fun with you – how many kilos that you have gained, now it is in the house all day long? Joking aside, Marcus said to me that I read yesterday, the story of Woody Allen’s ” the commandments of The Nothing, by The way, Nothing at all. You bought the e-book on Amazon. He took the possibility of a review in September. The Woody cover for the Lob, the Bob Hope, one of the great personal references as a comedian, and Marcus went on the search for it. I mentioned all of this in the morning, in my daily contact with the Ibar, football, Brazil, published by the C2. Bob Hope presented the award during a lot of the time. He uses the eye-in-ceremony of the awarding of the prize in 1969, he expressed the expectation that John Wayne won as sheriff-man-the occupation of bravery, Unyielding, with the release of Henry Hathaway.) He sent me a critique of the book appeared in the New York Times, signed by Dwight Garner. He says that the book is funny, sometimes, but has a tone of hard and mundane. The Woody shreds of Mia Farrow, that may be understandable on the account of a contested divorce between the two of them, but for certain phrases it in his father’s plays, so primitive and vulgar, that it is not worth it seems, an artist, and it is much less suitable, if you the actress, in her best films and one that he turned into a display of compassion for Hannah and her sisters”). His father stumbled over the sexist remarks, to do that Woody, the subject is a woman. He is not, nor Scarlett Johansson, with whom he worked, when he was 9 years old, forgives, and is the one who defines it as “sexually-makers”. For a man-child accused of abuse, it seems very nice, but the “Important”, if it is there when grinding. “I’m 84 years old, my life is almost to an end. At my age, I’m living in the present. Not believing in the future, I don’t see, really, that’s the big difference, whether I be remembered as the Director of the film, as an American, or in any way.” Those who read me, know that Woody Allen turned out that the karma for me……. I have no admiration for the example that you had an affair with the daughter-in-law, the points to have a look at erotizado within the family relationships. Whether or not it is for the guys on minimum wage, they want to eat, your step-daughters (and their daughters) to the other Brazilian regions, it may not be, even for him. But I just can’t admire stop, the him as an artist. Against everything and everyone, Woody has done some of his best movies, Mia Farrow – the Ferris wheel-it’s A Rainy day in New York city, and I can respect that. My cul-de-SAC continues. Even if I have to be able to the people of the artist? The book is due to be published in Brazil, one in the index?

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