Imitadora Shakira suffers cul-de-SAC “I’m” Nearly falls of the stage


This night to Tuesday it still had a new Chapter of “I am”, the stellar CHV is looking for the best imitators.

In this phase of the qualification, there was a participant who drew attention to it. Andra Camila Hernández, a young man of 25 years, impersonated Shakira.

The young man came with pants cuerina, a top short and typical caderín dance of the Arab world, wearing the Colombian singer at the beginning of their career.

Even if her look was well thought of, his imitation was not impressed by the jury. In addition, they played stuck in a cul-de-SAC, when I sang ‘Inevitable’. Camila, stumbled while trying to get off of the main stage and fell.


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The boy stopped singing, but Antonio Vodanovic, he encouraged her to continue, but after a few seconds, Myriam joined Hernández and pressed the red button.

Also Cristian Riquelme is not pressed the button, if the participant ended the song.

In the criticism, Vodanovic said: “Regardless of the accident, it is a pity (…) the tone of voice, the expression, the sensuous movements of the hips, apparently, not the one that we saw, none of the three. Unfortunately, you’re not Shakira”.