Joao Maleck will be 4 months more in prison for the crime of wrongful death | FORUM

Mexico city.- The mexican footballer, Joao Maleckyou will be in jail 4 months as part of the remand justified against them.

This Saturday beat the initial term that the trier began last June 28, so that the judge Second Control and Orality, Juan José Rodríguez Velarde, issued a new resolution.

prevail the same conditions, have not changed, so it stays in remand prison,” Rodriguez said Velarde.

The lawyer Maleck, Javier Alberto García González, has not ruled out a challenge the measure because it was felt that the notification should have been done through a hearing and not an agreement.

It should be remembered that Maleck was linked to the process by wrongful death in tort Maria Pena and Alejandro Castrowho died the 23 of June after a collision against the player.

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