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New edition of our section to 10 photos that you shouldn’t have told miss, dedicated to showing pictures and videos of our favorite artists in the social networks, if you didn’t already, I’d love to see. Today, Lana Del Rey becomes a meme living, Dua Lipa and Rosalia staged the crossover millennial most dreamed, Jennifer Lopez parades dressed (is a say) Versace, Putochinomaricón says “goodbye” and much more.

Lana Del Rey, a meme living in the cover of ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’

Do you remember that special one dedicated to the memes that had been generated in the wake of the front cover of ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’? Well, the thing has made you grace up to the very Lana Del Rey. To the point that, in the week of departure of the album, it became a meme living… handing out ice cream from the inside of a pickup truck. If there is want…

Putochinomaricón says “until then”

Many of you have asked where to go tucked Chenta Tsai in recent times. Well, a few days desvelaba on your Instagram. Has decided to “rethink” the project Putochinomaricón, while still working on the edition physics of their second EP ‘human Misery’ –“I continue to feel that it is in demo version, which has not seen the light after the summer, as announced. And he tells us all this with this tender picture of his childhood, in which a small Chenta says “bae”. Here I hope.

Hinds and “disk quiet” of his third album

Others that are working on future releases, are the Hinds. The quartet of Madrid has been composing and recording the songs of her third album in London. One of its streets has served as the impromptu “silent disco” for Ana and Amber, who danced euphorically one of those recordings while listening with headphones. Just see it as curiosity.

The chemistry between Romy and Oliver from The xx

Other that –we hope– should be working in a new job are The xx. As they do so –or not, but we want that yes– their members and childhood friends Romy Croft and Oliver Sims keep their chemistry intact. As shown in this video shot by one, recording the other in slow motion, under the title of “When Oliver says my name.” That is love.

Rosalia and Dua Lipa, muses of fashion

One of the crossovers-bomb that could happen in the pop of the future would be that of Rosalia and Dua Lipa. Because, as unlikely as it may seem, is a step closer to happening, after which both sit juntitas, hand over hand, in the front row of the parade of Burberry in the last week of the fashion of London. Their creative director, Riccardo Tisci, is a great admirer of both, and the gathered parade, along with the actress of fashion Hunter Schafer (‘Euphoria’), the model is Anwar Hadid –it seems that current partner of Dua– and one of the Korean Blackpink, Jisoo. “Tronío” millennial.

Jennifer Lopez parades dressed (is a say) Versace

Another that has been seen in recent days in around the world of fashion has been Jennifer Lopez. The singer and actress –not to forget that aspect, now that it seems that you might be eligible for an Oscar for ‘Hustlers’– paraded in New York in the presentation of the new collection of Versace, dressed by one’s own Donatella. Well, what of “dressed” is a way of speaking, because what he wore was a kind of dress-sheet with a layer, almost a taparrab… tapacoños.

Mon Laferte and his intimate gift to the public

The chilean Mon Laferte is spending the entire summer tour of America, featuring the songs of the remarkable ‘Standard’ next to their prior successes and the new (and good) songs that has been throwing in recent weeks. More unleashed than ever, in The tour Standard is showing up as a great front-woman, which he gives show and takes care of the public… when it’s not both things. For example, in this video he gives to respectable a tissue with the sweat of your body… your WHOLE body.

Charli XCX and Troys Sivan, in ‘2099’… real

If Charlotte Aitchison is overactive on Instagram, you can imagine what they have been these last few weeks, with the release of his new (and highly recommended) album ‘Charli’. Numerous photo shoots, ad (abusewould be more appropriate) of your disk, a collection of reviews of the own Charli to his worka claim of more “gay rights”, popper in hand… We have seen everything on your profile. But without a doubt, we are left with the new cover that a fan has made for the song ‘2099’, a new duet of the british and Troys Sivan, imagining how they could be protagonists in this year… stay alive, of course.

Diplo responds to 6ix9ine

And there’s someone worse than Charli, in terms of heaviness on Instagram: Diplo. But, like her, he saves his patochadas come to have quite grace –ok, sure this poor boy that was a sustazo fault of their own do not feel the same– especially because he knows how to laugh at himself. For example, when you poked fun at the four people counted that gathered in his DJ set at the Burning Man festival. Or when you are supposed to –we don’t have clear if the owner of the tweet that shows it is real– the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine it would have meant to Diplo in the “roll” of blanket he has done this week, at his trial for belonging to an armed group. Diplo clarifies that it is not true, just in case.

Ariana Grande and the song “palmea-balls”

But if we are brought a surprise rijosa in networks these weeks, that has been the Ariana Grande. The interpreter of ‘7 Rings’ has shown that it uses names and absurd for the voice memos and demos that saved in your phone for future songs. And has revealed what was the name of the “battle” of one of the most celebrated of ‘Sweetener’: “ball slapper”. That is to say, what comes to be the hit of the testicles against the body of a compañerx sexual when practiced penetration doggy style. Every day more fans of Ariana, really.

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