Lana Del Rey, Weyes Blood, and Zella Day sing together ‘For Free’ by Joni Mitchell –


Lana Del Rey has shared a video on Instagram of her along with Weyes Blood and Zella Day singing ‘For Free’ by Joni Mitchell (which Lana is singing during the tour). The three of them are sitting on the ground, it seems that in a rehearsal room, and during the song comprises the lyrics and the harmonies, looking at each of the three voices has its role.

The video is funny because not so long ago that Lana didn’t even know personally Weyes when she expressed her admiration in the networks. In fact, as much Wool as Weyes have published two of the discs best rated, 2019, ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!‘ and ‘Titanic Rising‘, which binds them to their taste for ballad, melodic americana from the 70s (and its appearance in the list of the best albums of the decade Pitchfork).

For its part, Zella Day is a singer-songwriter from Arizona, velvety voice that will delight fans of Wool, and Weyes, although in his case the artist does not publish album from 2015. Interestingly, Zella is 10 years younger than Lana and his song most listened to on Spotify is a version of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes, yes, followed very closely by her latest single, ‘Anaesthesology’.