Miley Cyrus is not more treacherous, because you are welcome, the delivery of musical awards


Miley Cyrus to hire not more showed, because she was invited to the awards as the Grammys 2020 place in Los Angeles 26. January.

Miley Cyrus is not more treacherous, because you are welcome, the delivery of musical awards

Miley Cyrus congratulated her father and Lil Nas-X with her two Grammys

On its official account of Instagram, Miley Cyrus, he shared a video of the award ceremony MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam, Holland in the year 2013, if you smoked a joint on stage while receiving the prize for the Best Video “Wrecking Ball”.

“And we ask ourselves, because I’m not invited to the celebrations premiaciones,” wrote Miley Cyrus in the video there was a day, after the ceremony of the Grammys.

In 2013, one of the most controversial for Miley Cyrus, especially in the award ceremonies music, rental in different parts of the world, where earlier polemics give presentations.

Miley Cyrus missing at the Grammys

Miley Cyrus was not present at the award ceremony Grammys 2020 and in its publication, that not even was invited, and a small tip on your Instagram.

Although many of the fans supported their message, and comments like “The Grammys didn’t deserve you”, or “you’re the best”, some Internet users said, aggressively played, and showed that Miley Cyrus has not made new music in a long time.

“Because you need to start the music… that is to dress up in the charts, not the action/to the shock”; “This thing that happened SIX YEARS ago. Furthermore, you sabotage your career, with your setting unprofessional”; “You were in the last year, my friend. But that’s not the reason. Not cantaste last night, because they are nothing new”some of the comments against Miley Cyrus were.


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Miley Cyrus has not responded to such comments, but in the last few weeks has confirmed, presentations, multiple music festivals.

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